Dec 12, 2008

my christmas wish for you

Now, some of you can probably skip this entry all together. And good for you. I'm very proud.

But for MOST everyone else like us out there that has some it student loans, credit cards, or house mortgages, should really do yourself, and your family, a favor this holiday season and make it your new year's resolution to get debt free. 

Yes. Not exactly the most fun thing to think about right at the holiday season but we highly recommend it. 

As most of you probably already know, we think Dave Ramsey is the man. And therefore we recommend you borrow, buy, check out from the library, buy from itunes, etc. The Total Money Makeover and read it. And then follow it. If you plan on buying it's only $10 right now...

So if you're looking for that last minute Christmas present for this for yourself. That's what I want. I want you to get on track. :) And if you're one of the several people I've already given the book to, and you haven't read it, READ IT. That's why I gave it to you duh. Coal in your stocking if you haven't...

And if you're sick of hearing me talk about this, too bad! I do it because I love you. So deal.

Top 10 reasons to get debt free:
10: You can call in to Dave and scream "we're debt free!" on air.
9: No more beans and rice, rice and beans.
8: Makes for a happier marriage and a happier family. (I think we're all aware of the #1 cause of divorces...) 
7: If you have kids, it teaches them good financial skills and the benefits of hard work first hand.
6: You don't have to worry as much about "the economy" because you know you're ok.
5: It's really fun...I promise.
4: Money to do the things you want to do without the stress of getting your credit card bill.
3: No more worrying about where the next bill payment is coming from.
2: A huge dose of self-satisfaction.
1: You don't owe anyone any money...duh.

Oh, and it'll make me happy...and who wouldn't want to do that!? :)

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