Feb 19, 2008

too bad dogs don't count as dependents

This weekend Nate and I officially became adults. We did our taxes...ourselves. Yep, I know, pretty grown-up of us. Even more grown up...we're putting most of our refund into our retirement funds. Fun stuff. We are going to have a little fun with it though. Nate's going to buy a lens for his camera (which we'll most likely be able to write off next year. yea!) and maybe a flash or something. He's been learning how to make websites and is currently working on a photography/design site for us that will be up soon (at izzyandthebean.com). I'll let you know when it's up and running.

We spent some time in Kingsville this weekend to celebrate our friend, Courtney's, birthday at our new favorite burger place. And even though it was her birthday...and not ours...they gave us an awesome piece of art for our wall (see picture below). We love it!!

I had the day off on Monday so I headed back out to Kingsville to see Courtney and her girls. We took the little ones downtown and had an good old-fashioned girl's day out, complete with lunch at the tea room and all. She's started up a baking company (asweetfate.etsy.com) and sent me home with some of the best cream cheese pound cake ever in return for a business card design. Nate and I of course spread nutella on it and ate until we were in a sugar coma.

Izzy and Bean are pretty much inseparable now. Now that Bean is big enough to get up on the bed and couch Izzy doesn't have anywhere to hide from her so she's had to learn to stand up for herself. Bean has started chewing on everything she can fit in her mouth, and should be losing her teeth soon we think.

I'm going to be volunteering some time on the committee for the food bank's Harvest of Hope dinner. Nate's done some design work for it, and I'm going to be working with a couple of other people to get the silent auction items donated. Meetings start next week so I'll have a better idea of what's going on after that.

Tomorrow night Nate and I are going on a date night to the Addy awards (advertising awards) and then Barack Obama is in town on Friday. I don't know much about either event right now, but I'll have more about them this weekend.

These are Courtney's girls. Hazel and Caroline. Seriously, cutest kids ever, right? No kids of my own...gotta brag about the nearest ones to me. :)

Doxie love...thanks Courtney and Reed!! So awesome.

Baby Bean and her indestructible tire toy.

Izzy and Bean sleeping together on the couch.

Bean gets to go outside now that she's vaccinated. This is her huge collar (it's actually folded here) that she needs to grow into.

Rolling around trying to take it off. She's still getting used to wearing it.

This is Izzy's favorite spot to lay. She's basically a scarf.

A semi "controlled" burn in Kingsville...45 min away from where this picture was taken. It got a bit out of control for a little while and was HUGE.

This is what the sky looked like at sunset that night.

Some weird little thing Nate took a picture of.

Nate at a souvenir shop in Port Aransas. Nice hate dude. Thanks for the pic Courtney.

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