Oct 20, 2007

bring out the bifocals

It's official. Nate and I are old. When you're Friday nights end at 10:30, and your Saturdays start before noon, college life has ended. We got a lot done today though. Our apartment has been a disaster area since we're both working now. Neither one of us wants to clean when we get home so the mess just builds up over the course of the week. So after going to Elva's for our weekly Dynamites we decided to clean the apartment. And in an effort to make our place "cozier" we got a cinnamon candle and took care of some of the things we'd been meaning to do since we moved in...in June. I'm kind of bummed though. The lanterns we got for the living room (which I really like) kill their batteries in a little over 2 hours so we might be returning them and getting something else.

Nate and I got this stuff in Austin with the intention of making jewelry from it. That was back in August.

Here's my necklace I made from it today!

The frames above the bed are finally hung and the hooks are no longer empty. Yea! Plus, we got the bedroom curtains hung and got a laundry basket. Ha!

These are the lanterns I like... :(

At World Market you can "build your own 6 pack" so Nate and I got beers from all over the world. We even got a couple of Czech beers. Represent the family tree!

Mmm strawberry Pocky sticks.

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