Oct 23, 2007

65 is the new cold

Well, I said it wouldn't happen, but it has. My body has officially adjusted to being hot all the time. And I have a feeling that when I go back to visit Iowa this winter I might freeze. I think Nate might too. I finally understand why people that move away from the North say they'll never go back. This week, for the first time since I've been here, a cold front came in and dropped the temperature all the way from the upper 80s to between 55 and 75. Its absolutely perfect. Although, I do have to say that when it gets down around 65 I start to shiver if I don't have a sweater or coat on. I think we're going to love winter down here.

We enjoyed the first night that it was cool by getting out our mittens and sweaters and sitting on the porch with some hot chocolate. Sounds like fall right? It is. Except when I went inside and realized it was only 65 degrees out I felt kind of silly to have my arm warmers on. Nonetheless, we have really been loving it. Most of the day it's sunny and 72 degrees. We can finally shut our air conditioner off...and not turn our heat on.

I got to work a half day yesterday. My boss wasn't feeling well, and the weather was so perfect she just let us go after our work for the day was done. Izzy was pretty excited about it. She has also been loving this weather. I took her outside to play yesterday while I was home and she just ran around like a crazy lady. She loves to roll around in the grass and say hello to all the neighbor dogs...especially the shih tzu that lives in our building. I think he might be her boyfriend. She's really going to love having a "little sister." She's such a social pup, and loves to meet new people and dogs. Now we just need to decide if we want the black and tan with the white on her chest or solid black and tan. Such hard choices! Ha.

Rachel gets here in 3 weeks from today. And then Jamie gets here that next Monday. We're so excited to have visitors! We love hanging out with each other, but it'll be nice to see a familiar face. Plus then I get to go to the spa with my girl family members the weekend after that which I am more than looking forward to. Yea!! What a great couple of months we have coming up.

We haven't really taken any new pictures this week. But the breeder put a new picture of the girl puppies up. So I will leave you with that.

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