Sep 15, 2007

would you still be my friend if i looked like this?

Well it's the weekend. And it's HOT. Air conditioner...on.

We went to the frame shop and should have Nate's piece back in a couple of weeks. I think it's going to look really nice hanging on the gallery wall. He finished up his first freelance project yesterday and has already been called to work on another one (woo hoo!). They also said that there will be more projects in the future with the possibility of a full time position after the first of the year. He's learning a lot under the gun, but he's doing a really good job and getting some good experience. He also started working part time at the record store yesterday and seems to like it. It's pretty easy and we can borrow any of the used movies for free...nice.

My week consisted on going to Sonic five times and Nano's twice. Yeah, it may be an addiction. But Sonic has like 186,000 drink options. What am I supposed to do? Other than that it was work as usual. I'm not as interesting as Nate right now...but we did get some rather interesting cups at the studio. And with that I leave you with these....

Nose cup 1 - gross

Nose cup 2 - grosser

Nose cup 3 - grossest

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