Sep 13, 2007

my husband, nate the great

Well yesterday was a great day. Nate got called back from the Ad firm he had interviewed at the previous day and was offered a freelance job. He must have really impressed them for them to call back so quickly. 26 hours...nice. We're crossing our fingers that it leads to more and more freelance work, but until then he'll take what he gets and work part time at the record store until the manager position opens up for him in October.

We ordered his print for the piece that will be on display at the gallery. And now we just need to get it framed and drop it off. I'll post a picture of it in this entry since I pretty much forgot to earlier. I'm still so proud of him. We're really excited for the opening night (Oct. 13). Besides the fact that this is Nate's first gallery show, this will be the first show in the newly expanded K-Space gallery so we're excited to see it after the build out. It should be good for the growth of downtown.

Nate's first gallery piece!

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