Sep 11, 2007

jobs, electricity, and a milkshake

So after eating at Nano's, which is one of the best taco places ever, Nate had his advertising/PR interview. It went really well and things are sounding least for some freelance work. His portfolio looks really good, and I'm really proud that he was able to do so well on his first professional interview. If you want to check out his work (and you should) you can at his website So as soon as we hear back from them we can figure out what his best job will be and hopefully get a second income. It is much needed...

...electricity this month, $138...

That sucks, but what do ya do.

I'll tell you. You pay it, go to Sonic, get a milkshake and celebrate the possibility of the light at the end of the tunnel. Then you go home and play with the puppy, because that makes everything all better.

mmmm Nano's bean cheese and potato taquitos

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