Jul 7, 2009

not my chair, not my problem...but we do only have one bathroom...sorry

This past week my family (8 of them anyways) came down for a visit. Of course time flew by and the six days were gone before I even knew it...although my gut has not forgotten. :) We eat a lot when we get together. Especially when my mom arrives with a tupperware of scotcheroos. And then makes the best banana bread I've ever had. Mmmm. Ate it so fast I didn't even get a picture of it...

But enough about food. We did more than just stuff our faces...it was actually a pretty relaxing time together. Nothing too caarraazzy (Em and Curty, enter lizard accent here), just lots of youtube, movies, game playing, and some time swimming in the pool and gulf.

Plus it was an excellent few days off work and away from the computer.

We miss you guys! Come visit again soon!

After they left we spent time with Brooke and Wil before baby Annsley's arrival. Buuuuut....as of this morning she's here! And I'm completely excited about my first visit to the hospital to meet her! Pictures coming soon... :)

Mm, yes, breaking out the peace sign.

A delicious family dinner at Carino's. Grace, my mom, and my dad.

Playing some Loaded Questions. Probably the best game ever. Oh, I also got to meet my lil bro's girlfriend, Emily B. (we call her Em B. since my sis is also Emily)

Izzy being super cute...Nate's not bad either. :)

Best 4h of July family picture ever.

Dad skim boarding...?

Em and Curtis with some excellent hair.

Staying a tad cooler in the shade. Gma Jones, me, my dad, my mom, and Grace.

The kiddos.

Swimming in the gulf.

So much good mexican food at La Playa. Mmm.

Cutie patooties, Curtis and my sis Emily.

Me and Brooke (and baby Annsley) at Rudy's.

Mmm BBQ. We eat a lot when my family's in town...

Bean getting so much lovin' from Emily B. and Andrew.

Hanging out with Brooke and Wil one last time before Annsley arrives. Wil's going to be a very serious dad...I can totally tell... :)

Don't look at Nate's cards. He's serious about his Phase 10.

Brooke (and Annsley) playing from the floor. She's going to kill me for this...haha...

Wil was totally the champ. 

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