Jul 24, 2008

so about those bagelfuls

For those of you who haven't watched the news lately, Nate and I have had a wet and windy week. Hurricane Dolly hit land a couple of hours South of us yesterday, and we got the upper end of it. There wasn't a whole lot of damage done around town, but I did get to work from home for the day because of the tornados and flooding. It ended up being pretty uneventful though. Thankfully. Oh, and by the way, bagelfuls have to be refrigerated so they wouldn't actually last very long during a full on hurricane.

Now we've got to put all the stuff we had packed back away...
That's the most excitement we've seen around here in a little while. I'm ready for the weekend.

Two birthdays this week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nate's mom, Becki! Hope you find the time to relax and enjoy the massage. :)

And also a happy 17th birthday to my little bro, Andrew! Go see an R rated movie or something. And I promise, I'll get your present in the mail soon!

The view from our apartment during Dolly.

Nate had to work...this is him on his lunch break haha.

Hurricane hair after taking the dogs out during a break in the rain.

Don't even try to tell me this isn't the cutest dog ever.

Izzy taking a nap on the fan box. Thanks Grace! See, it's even useful still boxed up. Hopefully they'll come hang it soon though...

See, told you this is the cutest dog ever. And yes, she did this to herself.

Izzy sleeping in what has to be a terrible position for her spine. Maybe she was trying to spell her name with her body?

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Steph Adamo said...

i love the hurricane hair photo :)