May 26, 2008

ok, you had your fun, now send him back

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your nice long weekend (if you got one). And a happy graduation to my sister-in-law, Erin! Sorry I couldn't make it back to Iowa with Nate.

I spent some of my vacation weekend going to my first Mexican Catholic wedding. It was really lovely. I wasn't always sure when I was supposed to kneel, or stand, or whatnot, but I just kind of followed everyone else's lead and figured no one was going to get too upset if I looked out of place. The reception was beautiful, of course. Knowing the bride and groom, I expected nothing less. And it really was GORGEOUS. I should have brought my camera...but it didn't match my dress. Ah, I love weddings. It always makes me think of Nate and mine, and how FUN it was...ok, I think it's old wedding picture time. :) Especially since it's almost our anniversary.

Speaking of weddings, I've been busy this weekend with new designs and getting ready to print my good friend Emily's...who's wedding I'll be a part of in October. Yay! I guess I'll see all y'all back in Iowa then, ok. :)

As for now, I'm "patiently" waiting for Nate to get back to town, and fufilling my addiction of Etsy and the Game Show Network. I've done entirely way too much talking to the dogs...and watched about a hundred episodes of The Match Game, so I'm looking forward to finishing up some designs, getting a good dinner, and spending some time with Nate before it's back to work tomorrow.

Thanks for the beautiful pics Tiffany!

A pretty nerdy picture of us at Tournament of Kings during our Vegas honeymoon.

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