Apr 15, 2008

no bake dog cake

First things first. Happy 1st birthday Izzy!!! I hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

What a busy couple of weeks!  Nate and I have decided to start up a painting business (we've got some big goals to meet).  So far it's going well.  Well, we're tired, and have been working pretty much every night, but we just finished a huge job so now it's time to celebrate and relax...until the next job starts.  Things are good. :)  We like being busy.  We haven't taken any pictures of the place we painted, but the grand opening is this weekend so we'll get some then.

On the nights that we haven't been painting I've been going to a new bible study.  A couple of weeks ago our neighbor, Mary, invited me to join hers and so far I really enjoy going to it.  It's very in depth, and the small group I've ended up in has a really good group of women. I'm looking forward to getting more involved in it.

A few weeks ago we had a pretty big event in Corpus.  Justin Timberlake was here filming a scene from an upcoming movie in which he plays a Corpus Christi Hooks player.  Pretty exciting stuff.  The company Nate works for has access to one of the suites so Nate and I, and our friend Justin, spent the afternoon watching the game...in the A/C. Ahhh. Good thing we have a pretty awesome zoom lens for the camera.  We also had the Festival of the Arts in town and got some pictures of some really talented chalk street drawings. Very cool.

That's all I have for now. I'll try not to go this long between entries from now on.  I know more has happened in the last couple of weeks...but I guess the photo captions will explain anything else. 

Izzy's peanut butter/cheese/dog food birthday cake.

Yes, we sang to her. Look how excited she is to try it!

I had to blow it out. I don't think dogs can do that...and she was about to burn her nose.


A doxie wink for y'all. ;)

Bean also had a birthday this last week. She turned 6 months. So pretty.

We turned our wii into an internet browser. Nate was checking out izzyandthebean.com on our TV. It's a blurry picture, but pretty freaking cool.

Izzy playing "Jedi"...or nun or something.  Cute non the less.

Nate, Justin, and one "Texas sized corn dog."
Nate and Justin watching the game in the suite.

Justin Timberlake as a Hook! Awesome.

Oh, of course Izzy had some medical ailment. A really really gross sore on her tummy. We're not exactly sure what it was...but we contacted our favorite vet (Thanks Dad Rippke) and sure enough he was right. It burst...super gross...and she kept it clean until it healed up.

One of the two artists working on the street mural.

It's chalk! Chalk! On the sildwalk. Pretty amazing.

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