Mar 24, 2008

a rather large photo collection

My family came down for their spring break. We had a great time and took a ton of pictures. Here are a bunch of them from throughout the week. They aren't in chronological order because there are just way too many to take the time to re-organize. Hopefully they'll come back and visit again. We still need to take a real picture of all of us at the beach...that Nate isn't hilariously photoshoped into.

The closest to a whole family shot we could get. Nate had to work during the week while we sat at the beach.

Emily and Curtis in the Gulf.

Beach handstands!

Probably my favorite picture from the week. Gma Jones boozin' it up spring break style.

Dinner at Utopia. mmm.

Family YouTube time.

My Papa trying soy milk. I guess he didn't love it...

This is how my brother gets out of bed in the morning. Probably not good.

Everyone in their new clothes the parents bought us. :)

My Papa's first Whataburger. Gma J had it a few times last summer.

My brother managed to finish a double cheese Whataburger. Ugh.

D & D at the beach.

Spring break on Mustang Island!

The girls of the family. Grace, Mom, Gma, Emily, and Me.

My dad with a lot of root beer.

Grace and Nate looking at the Grey book Nate worked on.

My sister and I in our matching dresses. Just like when we were 4.

Curtis skim boarding or whatever it's called.

Getting back from the deep sea fishing trip. I did not go...I get sea sick.

Surfing a plaster wave.

We were too.

In the back "yard" at the house my parents stayed at.

My brother's "chip dance"

Nate tries Tab for the first time.

Emily tries Tab for the first time too. Haha.

It's like a cheesey 80's magazine ad. Tab = instant fun.

I take my Tab everywhere I go.

Tab through the generations.

My favorite pic of my dad from the trip. "No bones Drapal"...he looks melted.

My mom laughing at something.

Maybe it was this face...

Or this one...


A strawberry banana. No kidding.

My dad and me.

My Papa, Andrew, and Dad at the Lexington.

Andrew with a huge gun.

Super funny picture of my dad from the Lex.

A priceless shot of Curtis and Emily. You should probably click on this to make it bigger so you can really get a good laugh going. :)

Reading about Corpus.

My mom making her famous rubens.

And they're finished....mmmmmm.

My brother getting super mad that "the bunny took the sugar out of his Trix" and made it whole grain.

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