Mar 3, 2008

paintin' the nursery

Ok, so it's actually the kitchen.  But don't tell the dogs that.  To them it's their bedroom, and they own it...and they pretty much do.  We also got a new camera lens today and have started taking some pictures to practice using it. Enjoy!

My pretty pup. Trying to use the new lens.

My other pretty puppy girl.

Nate painting the kitchen.

Almost done.

Touching it up while the dogs run around like crazies.

A job well done Nate!

Bean likes the new color of her room.

Don't let her face fool you...she loves these kisses.

Izzy also likes the new blue wall in her bedroom.

Our new lens.

Puppy kisses for dad...on the lips.

A silly picture using the new lens.

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