Dec 5, 2007

puppy's first christmas

We finally got our Christmas stuff put up! Nate's been working late the last couple of nights, and I wanted to wait to put the tree up until he was around. Izzy loves it! She's already gone to bed for the night though ("under" the tree of course). I think it tuckered her out. We took a bunch of pictures of her first Christmas tree experience. She's pretty cute.

I talked to Bean's breeder tonight. Everything is going well and she's doing great. We set up the plans to meet and will get her in 9 days!! She also sent me some pictures of her playing with her siblings and the other litter of puppies that were born around the same time. I wish I had a house full of baby doxies!

Nate and I will have some pictures published in the Corpus Christi Caller Times (it's the newspaper here) this Sunday. They're some of the ones we took at the Christmas light event we went to the other night. I'm not sure if any of the ones I posted earlier are they ones they chose though.

Oh, and for anyone thinking about going to Nate's show in St. Paul the date has been moved to Thursday the 27th instead of Friday.

Izzy looking at her dachshund ornament.

Nate and Izzy with the tree. How cute.

Christmas kisses!

Izzy looking at her and Bean's stockings.

She likes to sit on the couch and look out the patio door. We don't let her though. She's too clumsy...and will probably hurt herself someday.

Izzy telling Nate to get off the computer....Nate over-reacting slightly. Theatrics.

She started getting tired.

Carrying on the family tradition of sleeping under the tree on the night that we put it up.

Our cute little wine covers Grace gave us last year.

Puppies! Bean with her little friends and siblings.

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