Dec 3, 2007

ok ok, so we took a few pictures

We took a bunch of pictures this weekend so I'll try to keep the text part of this entry pretty short. The weather was a beautiful 80 degrees so we decided to head out and visit some of the part of Corpus we hadn't been to before.

We started out at the auto show. One of Nate's co-workers had tickets she wasn't going to be able to use so she gave them to us. Nate won a free casino cruise trip at it which is cool, and we got to sit in some expensive cars. Overall though, we decided that we like our CRV better than any of them.

We also hung out at the Port of Corpus Christi, which is where all the HUGE barges come in down under the harbor bridge. It's a nice view of the city because you can see all the stuff over on North beach (like the aquarium and USS Lexington), "Seatown" (which is the baseball field and American Bank Center), Downtown, and out into the water. You can only take pictures in certain directions though. I guess it's a post 9/11 law. Still, it's a nice place to go and just sit for a while...if the gigantic bridge over your head doesn't make you nervous.

The Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History is also down by the port. Nate really wanted to see it, so we walked over to check it out. At first I wasn't super thrilled about spending money on going to a museum right now, but it happened to be a "free day" so we were pretty excited about that. It's actually a really nice museum. It has a lot of stuff about the history of Corpus Christi, South Texas, and Mexico...which I didn't know anything about. There are also exact replicas of the Columbus ships that you can walk through. I honestly don't know how anyone made it across the ocean alive in one of those things.

Izzy attempted to send herself to the ER vet again tonight. She was a little spastic and tripped on the sidewalk slamming her face onto the concrete. It was one of those things where you're just waiting for the blood or something to start happening. Scared the crap out of me...and her too I think. Not for long though, we checked her out and it took her about 5 seconds to shake it off and start running around again. Must not have hurt her too bad, she went right back to chewing on her toys and bones. We're still keeping our eye on it though. Currently we're at Kailo. Nate's helping get a project done that has to go out tomorrow. And I'm just here for moral support. Well, so much for keeping this short.

Nate as a small Spanish child.

Us in front of the Pinta.

Nate doing something on the Santa Maria...I'm not sure what though.

Me on the Santa Maria.

Checking out some shells.

Huge-eyed Nate.

Nate with the largest crab ever...and the sickest one ever too.

My hips weren't meant to be on horseback.

Nate as a cowboy.

A replica of a Spanish ship...inside the museum.

Me at the Port of Corpus Christi.

This was a huge back seat for a truck. Nate even fit in it.

A roadster.

Woo hoo he won a Texas Treasure cruise!

Nate's Christmas present from me. For his desk of course.

Nate and Izzy hugging. She's the cutest ever.

Izzy hugging Bobo. She looks cross-eyed.

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