Dec 18, 2007

back in the heartland

We made it! It took us three days of driving instead of two because of the ice storms in the Midwest, but we eventually made it.  It's pretty great to see family and friends again.  This town hasn't changed much in the last six months...well, except that most of my college friends aren't here anymore.   

We picked Bean up on the way back (pics to come).  She is cute as a button!!!  And so sweet.  Izzy is adjusting well to having a little sister.  They're really good about playing together.  Izzy seems to know that she's quite a bit smaller so she plays more carefully with her.  Bean does not like her kennel at all though.  She's getting a little better about it, but that first night alone in it she just screamed (so my parent's tell us, we were out with Rachel).  

My mom had her annual cookie party tonight.  I didn't take any pictures, but maybe I'll get one of my tray of cookies later.  Tomorrow we're doing Christmas with Grace and her family.  My sister was sick today so hopefully she gets feeling better.  I know she'll be sad if she misses it.

I've taken some pictures since we've left Corpus, but haven't gotten a chance to load them onto the computer yet.  I'll post them as soon as I do.    

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