Oct 3, 2007

t-shirts are for weekends and cleaning now

This past weekend was Bayfest, which is basically a carnival on the Bay...surprise. We had hoped to go Saturday night and take some pictures while everything was lit up and there were a bunch of people around, but my gut was not feeling up to it. There's been a bit of a bug going around and I think Nate and I had it for a couple days. Or who knows...it could be the crappy water. Ick. Anywho, we ended up going Sunday after going to our new church for the first time (which is huge, on the bay, and beautiful). Bayfest is cool because all the profits from the food go to the organization selling it. So, for instance, the corn dog we ate was provided by a South Texas substance abuse program. Therefore, the money that was made from it went to support that organization. Pretty cool. There were about 30 different food stands...yeah, it's no state fair, but they did have corn on the cob, so it's the closest thing we got to it this year.

In other news, Nate is officially an Iowa State graduate! Check out the picture below. Pretty grown up. We went out tonight and bought him some short sleeved work clothes for his first professional job (which he's loving by the way). It's way too hot for long sleeves down here. And everyone is so casual anyways.

Life in Texas is going smoothly right now. Izzy's sweet as ever, and doing great. She's pretty excited to meet the family and her cousin Winnie this winter. It's also nice to be back to a dual income household of course. This is Nate's last week and the record store. He'll be working full time at the communications studio until we leave for Iowa (in 72 days!). And hopefully when we get back (keep crossing your fingers for us) he'll have his first salary position. Until then we'll just continue enjoying our nights free of homework, and weekends by the pool. Oh, and of course all the Tacos and Sonic we've been eating.

A couple of the food stands. And a guy in short shorts and black socks.

Nate with a sno cone. They actually had PICKLE juice sno cones. This is Strawberry however.

Part of the kiddy carnival

Me on the bay/boardwalk.

Nate is a graduate!!! Woo Hoo!

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